As injuries can occur as part of football, a large amount of your registration fees go towards insurance for injuries. 

If you are injured at training or a game, regardless of whether your injury is likely to require an insurance claim or not, it must be reported via a Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) accident report. Injury reporting is the same throughout the SSFA. 

If you are injured here’s what to do: 

At training

On game day 

  • Coach/manager must go to ground control at the venue (Grays Point Oval or any other ground where the injury occurred) and complete an SSFA accident report.  The accident report forms should be located near the team sign on sheets at each club. The accident report should be filled out on the day and at the oval where the injury occurred (ask an official at the ground if you cant find the form).  The ground control will forward the report to the SSFA. 
  • If the injury was serious, and is likely to require an insurance claim, please also advise GPSC secretary, following the game 

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